As long as the camera exists it has been recording and reflecting about people. This collection of images made in April 2004 during my homestay with the friendly family Yamashita in Kyoto, Japan focuses upon one of the most mysterious and prestigious women’s professions in history… the Japanese Geisha which literally translates « Person of the Arts ». Most of these photos were taken in the blue hour when the Geisha (geiko) and Maiko (apprentice) are going to their first evening engagements. Their pace is extremely fast. Their physical allure and poise could be likened to professional dancers and actors on the stage. The combination of colorful grace and beauty, not on the stage but in the lovely evening streets of Gion, was the challenge for me to try to capture. There are only about 200 Geiko and Maiko working in Kyoto today.

All shots were taken with a Nikon F100 on Fuji Velvia and Provia film and scanned on a Minolta Elite 5400II.

All images are available for fine art prints and licensing. Please contact me for more details.