François Bergeron Montreal Corporate Photographer


The corporate portrait

In his studio as well as in your offices in Montreal, on the South Shore as well as on the North, François Bergeron sets his professional eye and the lens of his Nikon on what makes you a personality in your company. His ten years of experience in corporate photography have refined his approach to corporate portraiture. During the session he gets to know you and his lens not only captures, a face, a pose for a ¨photo¨, he captures the expression that defines you in your role.

During this hour, you are not posing, you are yourself…

Relaxed, natural, your portrait, your attitude reflects the professional image that reinforces your authority, your kindness, your professionalism.

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Corporate event photographer

The discreet but effective lens of the corporate photographer captures the force of your personality during your general meeting, annual convention, board of directors or product launch, capturing the charisma of the presenters and the attention that their speeches attract from the audience.

Focal length, light, depth of field, high definition, the shutter freezes the moment to create a strong, meaningful, and sometimes poignant image.

A corporate event must be covered professionally as the quality of the photos supports the intensity of the event, the quality of the meeting and testifies to its success in future brochures and official reports.

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