Photographer for professional business portraits in Montreal

Today, the business world is more dynamic and competitive than ever before. To stand out from the crowd, it has become essential to make a good impression as quickly as possible!

What better way to accomplish this than with a successful corporate portrait that can quickly establish you as an experienced professional who is fully confident in your abilities?

François Bergeron brings his photography services to your office to avoid any inconveniences, and uses his expertise and know-how for the creation of beautiful and successful professional man corporate portrait

You can rely on his image aesthetic talents and get professional-looking photos for various usages, such as:

  • Using a photo bank to complete information brochures or corporate newsletters.
  • Completing your business cards or newspaper advertisements.
  • Adding photos that put you on top of social networks like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Regardless of your intentions, the business portraits taken by François Bergeron will always give you an advantage.

Why choose a professional photographer for your business portrait?

After all, don’t we always say that a picture is worth a thousand words?

A successful portrait will always give you an excellent way to make a first impression and effectively communicate the message you want to convey.

A professional business portrait:

  • Brings out all your experience, your confidence in your capabilities
  • Embodies the core values of the organization you work for
  • Stays consistent with the visual identity of the brand you represent

Before staring down the eye of the camera, you will have the opportunity to talk with a seasoned photographer about the expectations and objectives that you aim to achieve with your business portrait.

Through his work, professional photographer François Bergeron is able to tell a story, make a statement, and communicate a message. His total mastery of the techniques of modern photography allows him to add several levels of depth to the concept of the photographs that he creates.

More than just showing off a simple smile, a business portrait taken by a photographer who is in full control of his ability offers you a genuine testament of your experience, personality and individuality.

François Bergeron’s talents have often been praised throughout the Montreal region, and he has participated in a multitude of photography projects and contests throughout the years.

Do not hesitate to take a look at his portfolio to get a brief overview of the scope of his abilities.

For a successful business portrait: trust François Bergeron

With a solid expertise in all kinds of photography, François Bergeron will quickly put you at ease during the photo shoot. Even the most timid of subjects soon find their bearings under his advice and guidance.

Do not wait any longer, plan your business portrait session today!

To ask any questions or make an appointment, contact his studio in the South Shore of Montreal.

With the business portraits of the photographer François Bergeron, you will always be seen in your best light!